American hero box office hit\n\nArt by [[Aaron Hain|]]\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
I basically studied people in college. Having learned extensively in the disciplines of Psychology, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Communications (especially Media Studies) I have fairly strong and complex opinions on a lot of cultural and societal topics that maybe five weird and intelligent people care about. I have decided to begin blogging these opinions and thoughts so that those five weird, intelligent people can tell me that I am wrong and terrible.\n\nI have yet to write an entry, but I plan to get one or maybe a few up soon.\n
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My name is [[Maxon|Who]], I go by Rave Radbury online. \n\nI live in Seattle, Cascadia.\n\nI make [[indie games|Dev]].
Through hours of scavenging tools on the internet, I have managed to find applications that have eased the problems that can come up during game development. I hope that you may find use of them as well.\n\nProgramming\n[[Construct2|]]\n[[Twine|]]\n\nArt\n[[ASEprite|]]\n[[DawnBringer's 16 Color Palette|]]\n[[Paint.Net|]]\n\nSound\n[[Autotracker|]]\n[[BFXR|]]\n\nOther\n[[Dropbox|]]\n[[Pixel Prospector Indie Resources|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Dev]]
__Maxon__ a.k.a //Rave Radbury//\n-''Hardcore gamer''\n-''Aspiring indie dev''\n-''Graduate of Austin College''\n--//BA in Psychology and Gender Studies//\n--//Double minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies//\n-''Collects Super Nintendo games occasionally''\n--//Hoard is currently over 200 games//\n--//Would like to own all 725//\n\n\n[[<<Back|Main]]
Canabalt-like adds levels and health\n\nCreated for Indie Speedrun #1\n-Theme: Extreme\n-Element: Seeds\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
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Rave Radbury
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Immature defense mechanisms warp reality\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
I am a freelance indie game dev and I would like to work exclusively in game design.\n\nI started making games in April 2012 and I have been a gamer since the age of five.\n\nMy strengths lie in design, creative problem solving, building group enthusiasm, communication.\nMy weaknesses lie in aesthetics and followthrough.\n\n[[Check out my games|Games]]\n[[Plunder my resources|Resources]]\n[[Trace my influences|Influences]]\n[[Feedback? Collaboration?|Contact]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Main]]
//[[BioSmith// Sci-fi, aRPG, Exploration (Shelved)\n\n//[[(In)sane Places// Psychology, Horror, Sanity (Shelved)\n\n//[[Kaleidoscope// Altered SHMUP, Tribute, Asteroids (Unfinished)
A criticism of Darwin game\n\nCreated for Ludum Dare #25\n-Theme: Evolution\n-48 Hour Compo Entry\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
Fan me on [[Newgrounds|]]\nFollow me on [[Twitter|]] if you want to chat\nSend me an [[email|]] if you'd like to work with me\n\n\n[[<<Back|Dev]]
I made these games passionately. \n\n//[[It (Probably) Came From Outer Space]]// Sci-fi, B-Movie, Action Hero\n\n//[[Coping]]// Psychology, Artistic, Sad\n\n//[[Ultimate Pong Coach]]// Quirky, RPG, Satire (Demo)\n\n\nThese were for game jams.\n\n//[[Saccade]]// Psychology, Illusion, SHMUP\n\n//[[Feeling Lucky]]// Psychology, Addiction, Gambling\n\n//[[Snowed]]// Winter, Shooting Gallery, Variations\n\n//[[Extremophile's Paradise]]// Procedurally Generated, Forced Scroll, Platformer\n\n//[[Life is Pietzsche]]// Philosophy, Short, Evolution\n\n\n[[<<Back|Dev]]
The Informative Conversation Game
Variations on shooting gallery genre\n\nCreated for Indie Speedrun #1\n-Theme: Popularity\n-Element: Snow\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
A tribute to Ray Bradbury\n\nFirst project ever\nUnfinished\n\n\n[[Play|]]
Your mental health is scrutinized.\n\nNo build available. Unity programmer needed.
A game about slowing time.\n\nCreated for Ludum Dare #27 \n-Theme: 10 Seconds\n-48 Hour Compo Entry\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
Dark parody of sports, competition\n\nArt by [[Bak V|]]\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
Stock sim meets gambling superstition\n\nCreated for Ludum Dare Mini-Jam #38\n-Theme: NES\n-48 Hour Compo entry\n\n[[Play|]]\n\n\n[[<<Back|Games]]
Change your biology to win\n\nArt by [[Kārlis Zābers|]]\n\nNo build available.